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Feeding & Sterilising » Feeding & Weaning » Clverstix Fork & Spoon Set

Clverstix Fork & Spoon Set

 £10.99‘s latest item of Child Development Cutlery is out now. The unique innovative design of the junior-sized Clever Fork & Spoon Set trains kids to eat correctly and safely while evolving their dexterity, thanks to the following features:

ROUNDED TIPS Safer & Less Mess! The Anti-slip prongs have no pointed or sharp edges, and yet effectively work with all types of food, especially fab for spaghetti & noodles! ‘EASY TWIST’ GRIPS
Comfort and control! The streamlined silicone grips feel great and help kids obtain optimal hand-grip and manoeuvrability.

 It’s particularly thrilling news for children who love their spaghetti and noodles but have previously caused irritation for parents when eating has become a painfully slow and messy experience!

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